sábado, 12 de julio de 2014

Back into the.. idfk just back, just back...

Uh, yeah i'm back. Wow such a long time ago I didn't write anything here...
So many things happened since the last time I wrote, where to start? hum, well let's start for the last to the new (?
How I said I started college this year, yeah... I don't really know how I am doing this, because I just take one subjet (is that how you call?) wherever.) and I'm doing in the same time my last year of high school, yeah. i mean, I finish high school last year but i'm on a technological high school and we have one more year than others normal and currents high shcool's. Yeah that suck, sometimes, there are other days that I really enjoy doing this one more last year (because it was optionally) but there are others that I don't because college, college takes all my free time, even the time that i spend to go to school, i didn't thought it was going to be so definitely not easy.
I mean, college is like so different from high school, i know is obviously, but i really miss doing that kind of stuff that i use to think it was very difficult in high school... then i just see what i'm doing or what i'm going to do in my future career and splashhhh, what the hell i'm doing here? that my friends, is my everyday question.
I think that i really like this career but i'm not sure at all, if somebody ask me another thing that would i like to study i'm pretty sure that i would say anything, i don't feel like i have another options, i dont even feel if i really want to do this, i mean i would like to but i'm not sure if could do it. 
As i always say, i just want to travel... but i need money for that, and money includes have a job, and job includes study, because i don't want to work on something that i don't like so yeah, study then... 
wherever, wow I wrote so much about this.
Okay, moving on, so many things happen since this year started.. yeah i know there isn't any difference between this year and the last one but i like to think that yeah. i know that is just a number, but is a number which people used to organize their lifes (?) is like a fresh start, ''i will change this when the number changes'', yeah kind of weird and silly things that we (humans) do.. but if that make you feel good then just believe it..
Going for the good news, i've got a new pet! (yayy!). Her name is Luna, to be honest is my brother's pet, she is a dog (?) (Q=how do u say dog in femenine?) we don't get along, she is like the little baby of my brother, hugh she is very hateful when my brother comes around, she is jealous, think she is like a baby (when she is NOT), and hateful oh i said that, but i love her despite everything because she is an animal so yeah...
Going to the bad ones, there was a death in our family, a person who we care so much. Maybe I didn't spend so many time with him but he was important to me, and I really miss him.
I forgot to say that I'm eighteen now, yay! (?) in my country you're big when you're 18 years old, cool isn't? but i'm not sure if really want to grow up.
Hum well I don't know what else say ? 

I should be studying right now but you know, things...

Hope write back soon, see ya. :)
Lo escribo en ingles porque se me canta las pelotas, chau. 

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