domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

That part...

I'm in that part of life where you don't have any fucking idea about what to do with your life, that part where you have everything to chose but you don't know exactly what you want. That part where you feel like a lost baby in the middle of the  whole world, alone, afraid of everything..
I just want to cry and cry because i don't know what the fuck do on my life, i think i need help but i know that it's me who have to decide this, just me, no one else because it's my life, it's me who is gonna live all these things, just me
I want to be like taylor swift in 22 video, sometimes i want to get married an old rich man and do nothing for the rest of my life. But then i remember that i want to be happy and live the fucking life, and then i go back into the unknowledge about what to do with my life...
Damn life, why the hell should we grow up? and why the fuck is life so complicated? why couldn't be life like our dreams, why so bitch?  
Maybe i'm wrong, maybe not all people go through this, maybe i'm the one who doesn't know what do, i don't know but i hope one day i see this post and i wish i be happy doing the things that i really love, i see my self in the future, travelling around the world, being a profesional photographer, working in a job that i really like, fallen in love with someone who i really love (maybe have childrens, buy our first house, have our first pet, you know all those things...) after all nothing out of the ordinary (?
Next year i'm going to be 18 (i will be legal!) i know i'm too young but i don't want to waste my life, not anymore. I have to find a job and start university, at least find what i really want to study.. 
Ok, i'm leaving. just needed to say that.
Let's make things happen! Adiós. 

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